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2018 - 2019 school Year


Google Classroom codes for second Semester

Period 1: 2ze2woi

Period 2: zcrkqbp

Period 4: ypbpkhp




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Period 4 Evolution Tests:


Chapter 14 Test -EVEN ONLY

Chapter 14 Test (Even)


Chapter 14 Test - ODD ONLY

Chapter 14 Test (Odd)












Assignment and Video Links



Gorillas in The Mist Video Asisgnment


Video: Ghost in your genes

Mr. Kardouche explaining Intro. Ecology


What is a Food Pyramid Activity explained video


Hare and Lynx explained by Mr. Kardouche


Food web and DDT in Borneo by Mr.K


Hare and Lynx assignment explained by Mr.K


Getting Into the Fossil Record Assignment


Make Up Tests

by Permission only during CAT30

Evolution Ch.14

Chapter 2 Ecology Test

Chapter 15 Test - The Theory of Evolution


uEvolution Ch.14  Pe

Chapter 11: DNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapter 11 Test DNA, Protein Synth


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Practice Tests to help you prepare for your tests and FINAL EXAM.







Self-Check Quizzes to help you study for your tests.


Practice Tests to help you prepare for your tests and FINAL EXAM.




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Dear Biology Students,

Welcome to second semester.   Everyone begins with a 100 % and my goal is to help you keep an A grade in this class.  You will see a sign up in my class that states "Have Fun but also get your work done" , I reall mean that.   If you have any questions or need help please ask.  Remember to Check Google Classroom for all your assignments and due dates and keep in mind that unexcused late work will no longer be accepted this semester.


The Portfolio Projects (Semester 2)

Portfolio Project Assignment Handouts


Standards Covered


Portfolio Project 1

Topic 1

Chapter 11-1 and 11-2

DNA and Genes

5a-b. Students know the general structure and functions of DNA, RNA, and protein and to apply base-pairing rules to explain precise copying of DNA during semi conservative replication and transcription of information from DNA into mRNA.  

Portfolio Project 1

Topic 2


Chapter 11-3

Genetic Changes/Mutations


Portfolio Project 1

Topic 3


Chapter 13-1

Genetic Technology


5c: Students know how genetic engineering (biotechnology)  is used to produce novel biochemical and agricultural products




Portfolio Project 1

Topic 4


Chapter  13-2

Recombinant DNA Technology


Portfolio Project 1

Topic 5


Chapter  13-3

The Human Genome


Portfolio Project 2

Topic 1

Chapter  14-1

The Record of  Life

7 a-f  The frequency of an allele in a gene pool of a population depends on many factors and may be stable or unstable over time.

8 a-g Evolution is the result of genetic changes that occur in constantly  changing environments.


Portfolio Project 2

Topic 2


Chapter  14-2

The Origin of Life



Portfolio Project 2

Topic 3

Chapter  15-1

Natural Selection and the Evidence for Evolution


Portfolio Project 2

Topic 4

Chapter 15-2

Mechanisms of evolution


Portfolio Project  Ecology 1



Chapter 2

Principles of Ecology

Ecology - Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects.

Be able to identify all the factors which interact in an ecosystem and how they affect populations

Portfolio Project  Ecology 2, continued


Chapters 3.1,4

Biological Communities

Population Biology



Portfolio Project Ecology 3, continued


Chapters 5


Final Exam Review  SESSIONS- You should be completing the practice tests and quizzes for all of the above chapters which we covered throughout the year ( Practice Tests , Self-Check Quizzes).

You Final Exam Study Guide should also be completed ( Final Exam Study Guide)

FINAL EXAM The Final Exam is Comprehensive and will cover all of the above.  Answer all the Final Exam Study Guide questions to get ready for the final. Also review the Final Exam POWERPOINT. The Final Exam is worth 15% of your grade.  Don't forget to check your understanding using the practice tests and quizzes:

Practice Tests

Self-Check Quizzes






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The work you do in the classroom is only in part to acquire knowledge. It is mainly for you to strengthen your mind and train yourself to be reliable, self-reliant, and able to understand and communicate complex and abstract concepts.  This is what you will need to navigate the future. I wish you all the best, always.

                                                  Mr. Kardouche