Semester 1

Biology Portfolios Assignment Handouts


Printable Ruler


Printable Blank Graph Paper


Portfolio 1 Handouts(Scientific Method)

Topics 1,2, 3,4 (covers chapter 1)

Course Syllabus

Rocks on a boat


Portfolio 1 Assignment Sheet

Flinn Scientificís Student Safety Contract

How to Write a Laboratory Report

Writing Problem Statements

How to write a Hypothesis

Measuring Length

Metrics  and Measurement

Organizing, Graphing, and Interpreting Data Assessment

Blank Graph Paper

Don't rock the boat

Observations Assignment (sea shells and rocks)

Link to your Biology Textbook





After you access the link to your text book you will need to click on the following:




Portfolio 2 Handouts (Ecology)

Topics 1,2 (covers chapter 2)

Portfolio Project 2 topic 1,2 Assignment Sheet (Ecology)



Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 2)

Content Mastery

What are the Effects of Human Intervention on a Food Web? (enrichment, not everyone will choose to do this)

What is a Food Pyramid? (enrichment, not everyone will choose to do this)

The Lorax

Cycles of Matter Brochure - Student Example of completed assignment

Why Africa is Still Starving (extra credit assignmnet)


The Lynx and Hare Assignment and Questions

The Lynx and Hare blank graph

The Lynx and Hare Student example of the graph


Portfolio 2 Handouts (Ecology continued)

Topics 3,4,5 (covers chapters 3,4,5)

Portfolio Project 2 topics 3and 4Assignment Sheet

Portfolio Project 2 topic 5 Assignment Sheet


Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 4)


Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 5)

Study Guide for the Ecology Unit Test


Portfolio 3 Handouts for  (Chemistry and Cell Biology)

Topics 1,2,3 (covers Chapter 6)

Portfolio Project 3 topics 1,2,3 Assignment sheet (Chemistry)

Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 6)

The Molecules of Life vide worksheet

Lab. Activity Molecular Modeling.ppt

Molecular Modeling Lab. assignment sheet

0utbreak video assignment


Portfolio 3 Handouts for  (Chemistry and Cell Biology)

Topics 4,5,6(covers Chapter 7)

Portfolio  Project 3 topics 4,5,6 Assignmnet Sheet (Cells)

Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 7) 

Portfolio 3 Handouts for  (Chemistry and Cell Biology)

Topics 7,8(covers Chapter 8)

Portfolio  Project 3 topics 7, 8, 9 Assignment Sheet (Cell Transport and the Cell Cycle)

Reinforcement and Study Guide (Chapter 8)  

Study Guide for Benchmark Test

Chapters 10 and 12 handouts

Non-Disjunction Internet Assignment

ABC Nightline Dwarfism Assignment

Chapter 12 Reinforcement and Study Guide

Chapter 12 Short Study Guide

Chapter 12 outline notes

`Gattaca Assignment

5  step Punnett Square solving

Crosses Genetics Problems Packet