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2018 - 2019 school Year



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Final Exams are next week. We can do this!

Final Exams will be on December 20 and 21.  Our goal is for everyone to get at leat 90% on their Final. Our plan is to use the Final Exam Study Guide to prepare.

Our TimeLine is to complete 20 practice questions with 100% accuracy each day till next Monday, then complete the study guide.  We will work in pairs and ecourage each other to succceed.

Constraints to our success: 1) Inability to postpone comfort and enjoyment; 2) Relationships (Parents, friends, others) getting in the way; 3) Health issues 4) Other issues

We need to overcome these constraints somehow, life will always throw us curve balls and we have to find a way to overcome and succeed in spite of  hardships. Remeber that I am here to help

you through any difficulties.Just ask.



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Practice Tests to help you prepare for your tests and FINAL EXAM.






Note to Students and Parents:

    I believe that individuals learn in different ways, and that each individual needs his or her own pacing to comprehend and master subject matter. So, in order to meet individual needs and support student success, I will be giving assignments as part of larger projects.  My goal here is to allow students more autonomy over their pacing and which assignments they get done in class versus at home.  Also, each project will represent a unit of leaning and demonstrate the student's work and understanding within that unit.  While this gives students more autonomy, it also gives students more responsibility to get their projects turned in by the due dates.  Of course I will instruct and guide students in the completion of the assignments required in each project. Normally assignments will be due on Fridays.


   One way parents can help their students is to go over the Project Assignment handout with them and ensure that they are completing all the assignments on that handout by the due date. Parents can also review the material we are studying with their students by going over  the chapter using  the  Practice Quizzes and Practice Tests for each chapter.

Lastly and most importantly, please let me know when you need help. I see many students each day and sometimes students are confused about something we are learning without my being aware of what they are going through.  You need to advocate for yourself and let me know when you need my help, especially when we are working with larger projects and portfolios.


Thank you, and I look forward to a successful and enjoyable school year.



Copies of the handouts which you will need to complete your assignments can be found on the HANDOUTS PAGE


The Project Assignments

Project Assignment Handouts


Standards Covered

Learning Outcome

Current Order Sequence in which we are going to cover course topics

The sequence is a work in progress currently it is as follows:

Portfolio Project  Scientific Method


Chapter  1

Lab Safety


Scientific Method

Investigation and Experimentation (all)

Be able to measure using metrics and conduct experiments using the Scientific Method



Portfolio Project Chemistry


Chapter 6

The Chemistry of Life

Cell Biology - The fundamental life processes of plants and animals depend on a variety of chemical reactions that occur in specialized areas of the organism's cells.


Name the large molecules (polymers) needed by organisms and explain how they are broken down and reassembled.


Portfolio  Project  



Chapter 7

A View of the Cell

Explain the role of cells in organisms, identify the different types of cells, define the structure and function of organelles. 3

Portfolio Project

Cellular Transport


Chapter 8

Cellular Transport and Mitosis (Cell Cycle)

Describe how cells transport molecules. 4

Portfolio Project  

Cellular Energy

Chapter 9

Energy in a Cell

Explain the role of glucose and ATP in cell energy 5

Portfolio Project 4

Cell Division- Genetics


Chapter 10

Mendel and Meiosis

Genetics - Mutations and sexual reproduction lead to genetic variation in a population 6
There isn't an assignment sheet for Chapter 12.  You need to read chapter 12, complete the Study Guide and  complete all the chapter 12 handouts on the  HANDOUTS PAGEWe will be going over all the genetics problems together in class.

Chapter 12

Patterns of Heredity and Human Traits

A multicellular organism develops from a single zygote, and its phenotype depends on its genotype, which is established at fertilization.

Genes are a set of instructions encoded in DNA sequence of each organism that specify the sequence of amino acids in proteins characteristic of that organism.

Portfolio Project  Ecology 1



Chapter 2

Principles of Ecology

Ecology - Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects. 8

Portfolio Project  Ecology 2, continued


Chapters 3.1,4

Biological Communities

Population Biology

Be able to identify all the factors which interact in an ecosystem and how they affect populations. 9

Portfolio Project Ecology 3, continued


Chapters 5


FINAL EXAM The Final Exam is Comprehensive and will cover all of the above.  Answer all the Final Exam Study Guide   questions to get ready for the final. The Final Exam is worth 15% of your grade.  Don't forget to check your understanding using the practice tests and quizzes:

Practice Tests

Self-Check Quizzes




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