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Biochemistry Unit

You need to plan on 1 hour of homework from the following links and assignments every night. However, only those assignments posted on Google Classroom will be graded.

Assignments you need to complete to help you better understand the material Videos you need to watch in order: Supplemental Information you need to study: Interactive Practice Tests. Your scores will not be recorded and tests can be repeated at will. I will be using these questions on your tests.
Biochemistry Reading Guide Water: A Polar Molecule Chemistry of Life powerpoint The Chemical Context of Life
Macromolecule Activity Hydrogen Bonding in Water Macromolecules Water and the Fitness of the Environment
Biochemistry Problem Set Biological Molecules Carbohydrates Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life
Dilution Problem Set The Molecules of Life Lipids The Structure and Function of Large Biochemical Molecules
Test Study Guide Enzymes Nucleic Acids  
  Induced Fit model of enzyme Catalysis Proteins  

AP Biology Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis Order of Protein Structure  
  Molecular Structure of Glucose Enzyme powerpoint  
  Lipid Overview    
  Overview of Protein Structure    
  Basics of Metabolism    
  Introduction to Energy    
  Energy and Enzymes    


In Class Group Work:  

0. Water,Water Unit 1 Pretest
1.1 Water Modeling
1.1 Water Models
1.2. Elements of Life
1.3-1.4. Macromolecule Models Proteins and Nucleic Acid
1.3-1.4. Macromolecules Models Carbs and lipids
1.5 Macromolecule Models-Part 3

Molecular Model Building Assignment