Welcome to Mr. Kardouche's AP Biology Class

2019 - 2020 school year

Welcome to Semester 2

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Be ready for a Test
or Quiz every Friday
These are the units we will be covering this year
Statistics Biochemistry  Cells Structure and Function   Cellular
  Photosynthesis   DNA and
Cell Division
Protein Synthesis
Gene Expression
Genetics Biotechnology Evolution Nervous/Muscular  Systems Immune/
Lymphatic Systems



You will need to sign into Google Classroom again for semester 2. You do not need to sign into College Board again.

Please sign into semester 2 Google Classroom using this code:  (you need to be signed-in to a gmail account or a school account on your computer)

Period 5: g5o6vyy

Period 6: dwkf2ts

Please enroll in the class and sign in to College Board AP CENTRAL using these codes depending on which class period you have AP Biology with Mr. Kardouche:

Period 5: K77VYM

Period 6: DJJPPR

The MCQ and FRQ questions for each unit that we cover will be due no later than two days after we finish that unit as determined by the completion of the unit test. These MCQ and FRQ questions will be checked for completion only. They are meant to help you do well on your AP Test.

Link to a good AP Biology Exam overview for 2020 from PrepScholar

Link to Exam Dates - The AP Biology Exam will be on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 8 am

Exam section I will have 60 MC questions (90 minutes) Exam Section II will have 2  long FRQs and 4 short FRQs. Calculator will be allowed.

Link to Exam Fees this is where you register and pay for your exam. It is done through our school site

Link to AP Readiness workshop at UCR - Workshops are free and students ride the school bus for free


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