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Cells and Cell Communication

Assignments you need to complete: Videos you need to watch in order: Supplemental Information you need to study: Interactive Practice Tests.
Your scores will not be recorded and tests can be repeated at will. I will be using these questions on your tests.
Read Chapter 6 and be able to answer all the chapter questions and all the questions on the STUDY GUIDE Inner Life of a Cell Cell Membrane Powerpoint A Tour of the Cell - Chapter 6 Study Questions
  A Tour of the Cell Cell Communication Powerpoint  
  Cell Membranes    
  Transport Across Cell Membranes    
  Water Potential    
  Cell Communication    
  Signal Transmission and Gene Expression    
  Signal Transduction Pathways    
  Cell Membrane Bozeman    


In Class Group Work:  
0 - Water Potential
2.3 - Surface area to volume student activity
2.4 - Cell Membrane Model Templates
2.4 - Cell Membrane Lesson
2.6 - Endocytosis and Exocytosis
2.7 - Sodium Potassium Pump v7-2019
2.8 - Investigation 4 Diffusion and Osmosis.ppt
2.8 - Onion Osmosis Inquiry.pptx
2.8 Osmosis Lab.pptx