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Cells and Cell Communication

Assignments you need to complete: Videos you need to watch in order: Supplemental Information you need to study: Interactive Practice Tests.
Your scores will not be recorded and tests can be repeated at will. I will be using these questions on your tests.
  Inner Life of a Cell    
  A Tour of the Cell    
  Cell Membranes    
  Transport Across Cell Membranes    
  Water Potential    
  Cell Communication    
  Signal Transmission and Gene Expression    
  Signal Transduction Pathways    


In Class Group Work:  
0 - Water Potential
2.3 - Surface area to volume student activity
2.4 - Cell Membrane Model Templates
2.4 - Cell Membrane Lesson
2.6 - Endocytosis and Exocytosis
2.7 - Sodium Potassium Pump v7-2019
2.8 - Investigation 4 Diffusion and Osmosis.ppt
2.8 - Onion Osmosis Inquiry.pptx
2.8 Osmosis Lab.pptx