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Assignments you need to complete: Videos you need to watch in order: Supplemental Information you need to study:
Evolution Discussion Questions (on Google Classroom) Evidence of Evolution Evolution Study Guide with Answer Key
Hardy-Weinberg Quick and Easy refresher Natural Selection (Crash Course)  
Hardy-Weinberg Problem Set Natural Selection Hardy-Weinberg Problem Set Answer Key
See the assignment description on Google Classroom for the 7 following Prezi presentations: The Origin of Life  
1) Introduction to Evolution (Prezi) Cladograms Evolution Study Questions AP Biology
2) Evolutionary Forces (Prezi) Phylogenetics  
3) Evidence for Evolution (Prezi) Comparing DNA Sequences  
4) Measuring Evolution (Prezi) Speciation of Ligers and Men  
5) Classification (Prezi) Speciation  
6) Speciation (Prezi) Solving Hardy-Weinberg problems  
7) Brief History of Life (Prezi) Hardy-Weinberg Principle  
  Population Genetics: When Darwin Met Mendel  
Chi Squared and Hardy-Weinberg    
My Brother's Keeper    
Sking Pigmentation Case Study Microevolution
Mr. Kardouche explaining how to solve Hardy-Weinberg problems